eWestcor API Version 3.0

The new eWestcor API, designed to make easier and faster RESTful calls to produce Jackets, Searches, Closing letters and more from within desktop apps, browser based apps, mobile apps, and more.


Searches have been greatly enhanced and improved since our original version. The new Searches based off of the WebAPI 2.2 platform of .NET are available for beta testing.

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Jackets have also been updated in this new platform. While not yet available for integration use yet, you can feel free to explore the documentation being produced in our Help/API area.

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Closing Letters

Closing Letters are updated to inherit the base order class in order to make it easier to request CPLs, Jackets, Searches, etc. Verification of Closing Letters has also been added to the CPL Service to allow our partners to offer integrated solutions for validating and verifying closing letters from the lenders.

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What About the Previous WCF Based Services?

You can feel free to continue using the WCF based services as there are no current plans to sunset this functionality as we have many integration partners still using these services.